• Applicable for official website purchases only.

  • Return and exchange are accepted within 7 days after product has been received. Refund is not accepted.

  • Return and exchange are only applicable for unused product. 

  • Swanz will cover shipping fees for the return of a product presenting quality issue.

  • Customers are allowed to do exchange for color and size within 7 days after the product has arrived. Shipping fee of HK$ 80 (from factory to customer) should be paid in advance. 

  • For changing to a lower price product, the price difference will not be compensated (not with money or items).

  • For changing to higher price product, customer needs to pay for the price difference


  1. 1 to 1 return and exchange are accepted for products presenting any quality issues within 7 days after product has been received.​

  2. 1 to 1 exchange are accepted within 180 days of your original purchase strictly for several quality issues mentioned below:

    1. Lose of heat retention without any apparent reason

    2. Porcelain hair line crack (strictly not due to fall/negligence)

  3. Sending back product to Swanz factory should be arranged by customer.

  4. All exchange and return shipping fees will only be covered by Swanz for product presenting quality issues within the 7 days period. (For products stated under 180 days warranty, please refer to the warranty policy) 

  5. Swanz has the right to reject return or refunds where application are not meeting terms and conditions stated above.


  1. Fill up this Returns and Exchange Form or write email to enquiry@swanzbrand.com

  2. Indicate quality issue you are having in the message box

  3. Our Swanz Customer Service staff will contact you directly within 5-7 working days.